About Us

Jaagnath road Merchant association is an esteemed organization set up with the the ideology to frame and from time to time alter, revoke, re-enact and enforce rules and bye-laws for the benefit of and binding on the Association and/or its members and non-members dealing with the members to promote and safeguard the interests of the Association and its members.Established 25 years ago in the year 1992 in the prime vicinity of the orange city NAGPUR,the association was initiated with a handful number of members constituting 10-12.The association has witnessed a transformational shift over the years and now has bulged out to become a body of 150-200 members. Participating Merchants from a wide spectrum of business backgrounds has made it body that all the traders of the region look up to. Whether settling disputes amongst the traders of any magnitude to sharing ideas for growing out the business, Jaagnath road Merchant association simplifies business rules for its members in every walk of trade.
Jaagnath road Merchant association manifests the the involvement of members of various industrial backgrounds, though the prominence is of the textile and readymade garment businesses.A famous name in the region of Nagpur and Vidarbha, Jaagnath road Merchant association is a force to reckon with.